Monday, 10 October 2016

This Is How I Decided On the Best Elementary School in NYC

This year, by the time it was my daughter’s birthday, I knew it was time for me to start searching for a good elementary school in NYC for her. There are a lot of options available in the whole of NYC, but as any other parent, I too wanted the best for my child.

As a single parent, I have always been extra cautious of the environment in which my daughter grows. I did a lot of research before settling on a daycare for Sarah and I wanted to make sure that the elementary school she goes to should be one of the best in NYC.

Before starting to search for an elementary school in a haphazard manner, I thought a much better way would be to list out the criteria on the basis of which, I would apply to the best elementary schools in NYC.

At first, I shortlisted the good ones on the basis of the reviews online, then I listed down the ones that were in close proximity to my workplace for the obvious factor of convenience.

Being a single parent is tough. However, if the school where your kid spends most of her/his time is good, then some of your worries are taken away.
Moreover, I wanted to make sure that nothing was amiss because my child’s educational foundation depended on the elementary school she would be enrolled in.
This is why I attended open house events and took tours of all the shortlisted schools which gave me a fair idea of the environment in which Sarah would be spending her time.

After having met the staff of the schools and doing a thorough check of credentials of the prospective teachers and schools, I finally narrowed the options to 3 schools.

 I am waiting for the results to be announced with my fingers crossed. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why Should You Enroll Your Child Into A Childcare in Brooklyn

While looking for an appropriate Brooklyn-based childcare for my nephew Sam, I was trying to weigh in the pros and cons of hiring a nanny against sending Sam to a childcare in the neighborhood. In doing so, I read a lot of online articles and consulted some neighbors too who had kids of the same age as Sam.

In Brooklyn, childcare centers are not scarce, because of which, fishing out a good one from the available options can be challenging. To top it up, there is the second option of hiring a nanny which presented itself after a neighbor gave me the number of the nanny she had hired for her daughter two years back.

The second challenge was sorted as the unavailability of trained nannies along with the monthly expense of having a child cared for at home was beyond what I could afford at the moment.  
So much for being lazy about waking up early every day to drop Sam at his childcare-
Well, now that one option very conveniently got eliminated on its own, I somehow felt relieved as I had a smaller area to cover on my radar.

All I had to do was browse through the list of options and pick one.

I finally decided to get Sam enrolled into the nearest Brooklyn Childcare Center as it was not only very close, but it had all the amenities like a large playground, a gym, a music room, a play pen, toys and games. The staff were loving and amicable; the childcare center made good efforts to maintain cleanliness and safety for the children.

It has been a great transition for Sam who used to be very shy. He talks more now and has even made new friends at the childcare. He is fond of his teachers and has picked up some good habits from his teachers and friends.

Friday, 9 September 2016

How are Williamsburg Northside Daycare Centers Better than the Rest?

When it comes to deciding which daycare center in Williamsburg Northside to choose, working parents have a number of options. Finding out which one of these daycares will offer the best care for their children while they are at work is the most difficult part.
Williamsburg Northside

Williamsburg Northside daycares offer institutionalized care for children which cannot be replicated at homes. It is thus no wonder that with time, a growing number of parents are preferring daycares over nannies for their children.
There are a number of other advantages of sending a kid to a Williamsburg Northside daycare, some of which are as follows –
  • In Williamsburg Northside, daycares offer a lot of facilities for toddlers and children. These facilities include infrastructural provisions along with unhindered care and attention.
  • Many of the daycares in Williamsburg Northside are licensed and are thus monitored in accordance with the guidelines which have been set up by the state. As a result, these daycares have strict rules when it comes to maintaining caretaker-student ratios, emergency procedures and the educational curriculum.
  • Parents can be assured of their kids being under watchful eyes of adults all the time who are trained and educated in child care. Caretakers at the Williamsburg Northside daycares have in-depth knowledge of addressing all emotional, educational and physical needs of toddlers and even babies. Thus, when parents enroll their wards in such daycares, they are assured of the best child care services as their children are in able hands.

Williamsburg Northside Preschool

A good daycare at Williamsburg Northside thus ensures a holistic development of your children and prepares them for school and the days thereafter. As parents if you bear in mind the above mentioned points, the daycare you choose will surely prove to be beneficial for your kid and for you too in the long run.
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Friday, 22 July 2016

Finding the Right Daycare That Resonates With Your Ideologies

While hunting for a Williamsburg-based daycare with one of my friends, I realized how important it is to find the right daycare for a child.
If you are looking for a daycare, it means that either you are working or you have other familial responsibilities because of which you are unable to care for your kid and hence require the assistance of a daycare. The caregivers and instructors at the daycare will do your job of looking after your kid while you are away.

As your child will be spending a major portion of his/her day at the daycare, it is all the more important for you to not leave any stone unturned while choosing a daycare for your kid. 
  • Firstly, you need to make a list of all your priorities (preferably on a sheet of paper) and arrange your priorities in decreasing order of importance.
  • In the next step, you need to visualize the interests and needs of your child and look for any clash of interest between your priorities and your child’s needs.
  • Following this, you need to start your search for the best daycare that accommodates many of your priorities and at the same time fortifies your child’s interests too. 
  • Work your way from the top of your priorities list and jot down your options in each category. 
  • From the list, strike out the unviable options. 
  • It is always best to look for a daycare within or in the vicinity of one’s neighborhood. If you live in Williamsburg, it makes sense for you to look for a Williamsburg-based daycare.
  • Post the search, you need to visit the daycare shortlisted by you in the previous step.  
  • While you visit these daycare, make sure to take a tour of the campus and interact with the staff and parents of the enrolled kids. A physical visit can be greatly beneficial as it gives you a real picture of the goings-on at the daycare. 

These pointers helped me and my friend find the right daycare for my friend’s child. As she was highly particular about not wasting time and energy on travelling, it was quite easy for us find a suitable daycare within Williamsburg which eventually turned out to be little Dorothy’s favorite place after the zoo. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

Every Parent has Superhero Powers

Every holiday season, parents spend quality time finding and purchasing their kid’s favorite superhero costumes. Superman, batman, Flash, Hulk – kids love bouncing up and down in their superhero attire and fighting fictitious bad guys. Running after them, parents indulge in their kids’ imaginary mission to protect the world from the evil powers. For kids, their parents are no less than superheroes and child care center Williamsburg Northside Daycare has come up with an intriguing idea to lead their daycare toddlers discover the superhero qualities which their parents possess.

What could be more fascinating than watching these little fighters who are always charged up to battle off the villains (imaginary) from their secret space, teaming up with their parents who are also clad up in superheroes costumes(strictly assigned by their children)?

Here is what the educators of Williamsburg Northside Daycare have to say about the special powers owned by every parent and that every kid should acknowledge - 

Extraordinary strength, stamina and endurance

Like Ironman, Dr. Jean Grey in X-men, The Beast, parents also have limitless strength and stamina, otherwise, who else can run after bouncing bundles of energy whole day across the shopping mall, park, grandpa’s place and of course, at home. Normally what should be a fun dinner outing and shopping spree, we can spot a dad or a mom walking out from such places carrying all the bags over one shoulder and their adorable troublemakers on the other. These endless tales goes on till kids go to bed and after they wake up next day. Spending all day on feet cleaning and taking care of kids is certainly what only superheroes can do.

Sharp, flexible and quick reflexes

Superheroes may take a break in a while but parents have to stay alert and attentive, even in their dreams, you never know when the unpredictable mess knocks in. God has gifted parents with this special superhuman reflexes because of which they can respond to every nitty change or diversion in what otherwise goes usual. If kids are cycling, parents will know a moment before when they are about to bump into a car, so they jump in to catch them. It won’t be a surprise if they inhibited the fastest runner on the earth badge before ‘Flash’ (parents have to chase their kids to feed them or send them to daycare.)

Sensing what can’t be seen or heard

Well not only Superman has X-ray machine fitted in his eyes, parents can foresee every little mess or trouble that their kid might bring along even if it has slightest of the possibility. They can hear the sound of their glass vase crashing the floor before it actually happens. Isn’t it cool?

Sliding and jumping over the Lego blocks

Spiderman definitely has an advantage here- he doesn’t have to touch the ground while swinging over from one place to other.  But parents are far braver and risk takers for they have to jump over the broken pieces of their favorite antique pieces, crockery, toys, morning porridge and mashed sweet potatoes littered across the house floors. They sometimes have a tough time in bathrooms too while giving their kids an emergency bath because they can’t predict when they can slip over the soap cake (that accidently slipped out of toddlers hand).

Taking the Children Out for Winter Learnings

With schools focusing more on fostering distinctive personalities of their children, this winter has brought along many reasons for these schools to celebrate the energy and warmth of New Year. Schools like Williamsburg Northside Preschool have some cold weather fun activities for their kids under their hats.

  • It’s always hard to gear up in proper winter assembles from head to toe and step out for a winter vacation. Williamsburg Northside Preschool have prepared a snow ground for their kids, so that they can indulge in snowy activities – building a snow man, Eskimo house and snowball fights. With educators around, they have minimal chance of getting caught in the shivering winter chills. Such games are not fun games only but impart some important lessons like team work, organizing skills and to an extent, patience.
  • Outdoor activities like ice- fishing or skiing are also engaging winter plans in which preschools are investing. The benefit of such activities is that schools can host the training camps or classes because students can learn better under the supervision of their educators.
  • Preschools are hosting some warm-up sessions to prepare their kids for the winter adventure. These special classes are held in the open areas where small obstacles or sledges are placed for students so that they can race and compete with other students.
  • Campfire0 is every kid’s favorite outside activity. With educators, school mates lounging around the fire, kids will certainly enjoy reciting their own stories.  This activity will help kids with their reciting, writing and acting skills.
  • Eminent schools like Williamsburg Northside Preschool have taken their students to different winter locations many times before. With educators and sports instructors accompanying, children can try various sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing. These activities proffer some unique opportunities of experiencing the changes which nature unfolds with the arrival of cold season.

Schools have also been mailing some important dressing tips to the parents, so that kids are warmly packed in the winter chills.

  • Microfleece leggings beneath pants or skirts, which will protect the legs from icy winds and moisture too.
  • Warm top or fleece top that will wrap the kid with snugness
  • Jackets or woolen sweaters/pullovers/sweatshirts to give the final protection from the cold weather.
  • Hats, socks, boots and gloves to protect the most sensitive parts of body away from chills.  


Friday, 11 December 2015

How Finger Painting Weaves Magic For The Preschoolers?

We were acquainted with different forms of painting ages ago. Many studies and researches have recognized the therapeutic prospects of this artistic medium of expression. Applying colors on a plain canvas with fingers, treats the subconscious mind with a healing touch. That’s why activities like finger painting can be considered as a part of progressive education. For the comprehensive development of children, it’s important they give expression to feelings they do not communicate. Pouring within the outlines of imagination, and colors of creativity, finger painting is a perfect medium for free expression of the preschoolers in the following ways:

Teaching Other Content Areas

Finger painting isn't just a tool for artistic exposition. If you think that your child's preschool finger painting activity will only build up his artistic abilities, think again. The early childhood educator, or you as the teacher at home, can use finger painting to teach other content areas. For example, the teaching staff at Williamsburg Northside Preschool suggests that finger painting helps preschoolers to learn about basic math concepts such as shapes. Making use of the subtractive method, the preschooler can make shapes using paints and let the paper underneath show through. Another content area that preschools may encourage through finger painting is science. Preschoolers can experiment with color mixing by blending the primaries -- red, blue and yellow -- with their fingers.

Infusing Creativity

Process-based art activities like finger painting allow preschoolers to explore and experiment, which will help to take their creativity to the next level. The experimental nature of finger painting makes it a more enticing prospect for the preschoolers than the regular coloring sheets and cut-paste activities that don’t push the boundaries of imagination. Finger painting activities allows a child to produce exquisite imageries from abstract expressions and allows him/her to work with the medium, moving it around, blending it and creating anything like a family portrait to explore his own creativity.

Enhancing the Vocabulary

Vocabulary enhancement is a sure shot sign for thriving literary skills. Innovative and all-inclusive ways must be looked after for enriching the vocab instead of looking at it as a separate subject and setting aside special time for it. The preschools in Williamsburg Northside make use of the multisensory activities like the finger painting to help students learn new words. Students are made to trace the word using fingers while a teacher pronounces it loudly. This impart a visual and auditory sense to the learning process which make it easier for students to remember words. The interactive process of finger painting is a great way for the preschoolers to fine tune their color and sensory vocabulary words like slimy, squishy or sticky.